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Google Review! - Date 02/16/2018

tower 28 sky lounge

Everything is great! Including the view and gym. People who work at there are very nice and polite. I bought a lot of furniture recently, they let me use the cart and even help me bring those furniture to my apartment. What's more, i really like the floor of my apartment, which looks have a pretty good quality. Most import one, it's very near to the subway station! I could arrive my office everyday within 10 min! That's amazing.

Be the Next Heatherwood YouTube Star! - Date 02/15/2018

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5 Star Google Review! See What Residents Are Saying About Tower 28! - Date 02/14/2018

tower 28 outdoor lounge

It’s my second year chose to live in luxury building. Just because there are many tall buildings in New York City doesn’t mean they are all luxury as it is! So what I have been experienced this first two months living in Tower 28 I should say not only convenient but such a blast ! You will start your day by walking to 6 lines with in 2mins (haven’t late for work and school) Grocery stores / Deli / Food market / Cafe / restaurants all around the corners or just go to the Manhattan in 10mins why not ! Yes. Once you start the amenities you can’t cancel it but why would I cancel it since the gym and pool is the best as far as I know from Long Island City. (Ahhh. I love that space) Children’s room ! Yey ! My baby boy had so much fun there. They have everything that provided for children under 12. Nice space. lots of toys/books/and TV with all channels. Besides we can’t control the temperature and little cold I have no issues with children’s room :) Dollar coffee and hot drinks make my heart so full and keep me warm every morning before I leave the building. There are different people has different opinions on different situations. Nothing is perfect! If you do care about lots of things you should consider it at very first you decided to live here! Choose your roommates wisely Choose your space wisely Choose your any plans wisely For the rest The (beautiful/handsome) doorman’s and friendly office stuffs will take good care of you I believe as far as I experienced there are zero issues for me in this lovely luxury building!

Business Center Is Open! - Date 02/14/2018

tower 28 rendering

Business Center Hours: Open Daily 8:00am -12:00am

Rules and Regulations of the Business Center
1. Members under the age of 12 are not permitted to use the Business Center.
2. Do not install or download any program, file or software updates onto the Business Center computers.
3. Files created on the Business center computers will be deleted after each use.
4. No obscene or offensive material.
5. Do not change computer settings.
6. Be courteous to your neighbors and limit use if others are waiting.
7. Management is not responsible for lost or damaged files.
8. Management shall not be responsible for any personal items left unattended. Take all personal
items with you when you leave.
9. No amplified music is permitted without headphones.
10. Keep noise level to a minimum.
11. All beverages must have a sealable top.
12. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
13. No pets are permitted.
14. Any abuse to the equipment will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right to charge for any
damaged equipment.
15. Management reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of this facility to any member in violation
of the above policies.